Pinterest is the new Napster? Oh boy

The copyright and legality problems with Pinterest have really picked up some serious steam lately, and the media has been all over it.  I think I see a new article about this issue each day.  Yesterday I posted a new blog about whether or not your business should be on Pinterest, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you make that decision.  My fourth bullet point touched on the legal risks and I recommended sticking to only posting your own images and property from your website.   I definitely think that is the way to go, now more than ever.

I read another article today that really struck me.  A lawyer named Kristen is comparing Pinterest to Napster, and drew parallels between the two and the ultimate legal collapse of the music sharing pioneer.  It really got me thinking – maybe this is true?  The pinning and re-pinning of other people’s work and property is not really legal, and that is the entire premise of the site.  And Pinterest basically makes it very clear in their legal jargon that it is not their responsibility if you get caught.

So, while the site is huge and continuing to grow, could it be head on with its own demise?  I’m interested to see where this story goes and if some actual real lawsuits will hit the scene.  When that started happening is when Napster started dying.  I guess we’ll see, but it’s definitely something worth watching.

Right now it’s a great social marketing tool if done right.  But it looks like most people and businesses are not doing it….”right.”


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