Facebook + Instagram = a good thing?

Facetagram.  Maybe?  Maybe not.  OK, definitely not.

Yesterday Facebook announced its acquisition of wildly popular photo sharing app, Instagram.   Oh, yeah, for a cool fee of $1 billion dollars.  You know what’s really cool?  A trillion dollars.  I’m sure Sean Parker called Marky Mark right after seeing the news just to tell him that.

The over-valued money paid for the acquisition is not my topic of discussion here.  Was it way too much?  Yes.  Does it make Facebook look desperate to clean house of a company that was owning the cool factor of photo?  Yes.  Anyway, that’s a conversation for another day.

There has already been about one blog or story for each dollar going into the deal on this topic.  I am absolutely adding fuel to the fire.  And, many of these articles are centered on the fear that Facebook will destroy Instagram as we know it.

People need to just chill the F out.

There is a common and pretty popular belief in society today that maintains that anytime a bigger company buys a smaller company, that horrible things are going to happen to the smaller company’s product.  It won’t ever be the same.  Everything will change for the worse.  Pigs will fly.  The Black Plague will return.  I have no more reason to live.

People all over Twitter yesterday were freaking out about this very subject and promoting the deletion of accounts, and the overreactions are simply embarrassing and hilarious at the same time.  People, these are both free-to-use social networks and applications that allow us to interact with each other in ways like never before, and to connect with brands, businesses, and celebrities on new levels.  The fact that you, an individual user, are acting like this is going to affect your way of life is just ridiculous.  You think Facebook or Instagram cares?  And if you are calling Instagram a “sell-out,” just stop.  They are a business.  When Facebook wants to buy you for $1 Billion and you aren’t worth that much, you sell.  Boom.

I am on the opposite side of the fence.  I think this merging will be a good thing.  Facebook is one of, if not the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world.  Do you really think they want to ruin Instagram? No.

I know that I personally would find it pretty sweet to be able to tag my Facebook friends in Instagram photos or import multiple Instagrams at once in Facebook, instead of one at a time.  The integration should do GOOD things for both sides.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and how they can use both sides to create an even more awesome product.

One question I do have: will Facebook then stop allowing pinning from Instagram to Pinterest?  They currently don’t allow pinning from Facebook.  That could be interesting.

People freaked out in the same manner when Timeline was launched.  My message is the same now as it was then, if you don’t like it, delete your account.  It’s free for you to use.  Don’t complain like you’re some investor that didn’t get a chance to approve the change.

Just go back to 2003 and don’t worry about any of this.  Easy, right?


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