shut up about Facebook failing. please.

The Facebook IPO is this week.  Big whoop.  We all know that.  This is not about that.  There have already been thousands of millions of hundreds of trillions of blogs and articles written about it.

Facebook is supposed to be valued at around 100 Instagrams.  

Anyway, what I am sick of, are all of the articles and blogs about how Facebook could fail.  Ya think?  It’s a multi-billion dollar company.  Of course it could fail.  Any business has a chance to fail.

What annoys me is that all of the chatter about Facebook failing was pretty quiet up until IPO week.  Some people could say I sound like an idiot because obviously that’s the week that this subject matter would come to light.  I understand that.  But why all the crushing negativity?  This is one of the most innovative companies in the world with some of the brightest people on the planet working for it.  If Facebook runs into problems with some facet of their business, they will adapt and continue cruising.  It’s Facebook.

The company did release their 35 reasons that they could end up in the toilet as part of their SEC filing.  Every company filing for an IPO has to do that.  They were honest and many on the countdown are pretty obvious.  My opinion is that people are blowing these way out proportion in order to make a big story.  The biggest and most successful tech company in history is going public this week, the media (professional and social) definitely wants to try to bring Facebook down.  Oh, they put a list together for us?  Perfect!

Facebook will be fine.

Their biggest risk right now might be the fact that they haven’t found a way to make money on mobile platforms due to the lack of ads.  At least that’s what they’re telling us.  Do you really think Facebook can’t figure it out?  If it’s not from ads they’ll come up with something else.  They probably already have something else.  Whatever it is will probably piss a lot of people off, but that’s what Facebook does.  They come out with innovative new things, like Timeline, piss off a ton of people who complain about their use of a free product, but then those people continue to use the platform.  Of course they do.  It’s Facebook.

And that’s my rant.

Facebook is going public and is worth a ton of money.  They will continue to adapt and be successful.  They’ll continue to acquire new companies.  They are not AOL.  Or Groupon.  Please shut up about Facebook failing.



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