so happy about Facebook comment editing

Facebook announced that now you can edit your comments.  This is great news for those of us responding to people via fat-fingered phones, hard-to-type on tablets, or just from our grammatically challenged selves.  And perhaps most importantly, as a business page we can respond to people and feel confident that if we screwed up we can go fix it.

I’ve seen comments on photos and other types of content be editable by brand pages for a few months now.  I’m not sure why or what it was, but certain outgoing posts wouldn’t allow for edited comments.  Hopefully, now, it will all be able to be manipulated.

Let’s face it – sometimes you quickly respond with something that you regret 10 seconds later, or really wish you could just tweak, without completely removing it.

Where brand pages used to get called out for deleting comments in the past, will we now get called out for editing comments?


The change is very welcome.


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