a tweet chat with my CEO

Last week I got the very cool opportunity to host a tweet chat with Vail Resorts’ CEO, Rob Katz (@RickysRidge).  Not something you see every day – an open, public discussion with someone so highly ranked in such a big company.  It was a very cool experience.  Many other folks jumped in as well, adding questions to the conversation.  Rob answered every single one, and added in some jokes, too.

The main topic was social media.

Rob offered some great opinions and thoughts, and he did it all within the 140 character limit, including the chat hashtag (#VRSS12)!

This is just another testament to how important social media/business has become, and also how committed Vail Resorts is to being a leader in the socialsphere.  I want to give major props to Rob for being so willing to jump on a tweet chat.

I hope to see more of this from other companies and industries.  Social-savvy CEOs are the future.  Other leaders out there who haven’t quite taken a liking to social media, or haven’t quite jumped in yet; take the lead from Mr. Katz.  That’s how you do it.




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