$7 to brag even harder on Facebook

This week Facebook finally started rolling out the not-very-anticipated promoted posts for normal people.  You read that correctly; these are not for brand pages, businesses, or any other revenue-generating organization.  These are for your personal accounts.  Say wha????

After hearing about these a few months ago, I kind of wanted to wait and see if this was real.  And it turns out, it’s real.

For the people out there that have never managed a brand page or acted as an advertiser on Facebook before, the ability to promote something on the platform will be completely new, and completely weird.  But for those that do this for a living or for a business, this is just getting kind of ridiculous.

As community and social managers, we deal with this stuff day in and day out, optimizing our promotions and social marketing strategies.  And now, everybody else has the ability to optimize their own damn self-marketing strategy.  Seriously, how vain do you have to be to feel the need to promote a post about yourself to make sure more people see it?  If you have compelling content, just like a brand, it will naturally pick up a higher level of vitality and more people will see it – the right way.    Brands promote.  They have ROI requirements, revenue measures and goals, and other specific engagement objectives riding on content strategies and campaigns.    Me and you?  We do not.   I don’t have a goal riding on how many people see the video of my kid diving off the couch.

What the hell is Facebook doing?

I recently saw someone comment on another post about this claiming that Facebook is now just turning into classified ads.  So true.  Are people just going to start posting about their couch for sale and promoting it?  Apparently it starts at $7 a pop.  If that’s seriously the case, then it’s going to spiral out of control.  Allowing regular people to promote their own posts could be the beginning of a dark, desperate path for Facebook.  Gotta keep the shareholders happy, gotta keep making money.  But like this?  Figure out mobile first.  Please.

It’s getting weird.

What’s next, a video about how Facebook is like chairs?  Oh.


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