Vine campaigns give Android users the finger…NO MORE – Updated 6/3/2013

UPDATED 6/3/2013

Android FINALLY just got Vine.  So, pretty much everything below is irrelevant now (so goes the beast of social media).   Anyway, I still believe it what I said before the Android version existed…so, take it for what it’s worth.  In the meantime I’m going to take my android phone and go play with Vine…

This is a quick rambling blog post, but just something I think is relevant right now; the fact that Vine campaigns give Android users the finger.

I love Vine.  I think it’s awesome, and the future of social visual content…at least until the next really cool, trendy thing comes along.   So, I want to make that clear:  I love Vine.

However, Android users don’t get to experience Vine.  They are missing out.  And, that’s totally fine.  Twitter and Apple can have their love fest.  That is totally their call and they are entitled to it.  Remember when Instagram was only available for Apple, for like, 50 years?  OK, it wasn’t that long, but as an Android user it felt that way.  All the cool kids were making Android users feel like they were last picked on the kickball team.   Bitter?  Of course.  Can you tell?

And that’s Android users’ fault for using Android.  I totally get the argument.  But that’s not what I’m really talking about here.  Most Android users that I know would rather chew glass than get an iPhone, and vice versa.   So, it is what it is.vine-twitter

There are a freaking ton of Android users out there.  Well, how many is a “freaking ton?”  I wish I knew.  I couldn’t find any hard data detailing numbers of users for Android vs. iO6, just a bunch of infographics that made me want to throw up.  I spent a whole 3 minutes looking.   So, the factual, data-driven argument is extremely weak.  I know.  But we all know there are a “freaking ton” of Android users out there.

Why does this matter to a Vine branded campaign?

If you are a brand and you are running a trendy new Vine campaign, maybe hashtag driven for example, you are catering only to Apple (iOS) users.  Literally.  And that might completely be your strategy, but just keep that in mind.  You are basically promoting a campaign on other social channels and giving Android users the finger.  You’re missing out on a potentially large chunk of your audience and community that might love to participate in something like the Vine campaign.   So just be cognizant of how and where you are promoting it.

Instagram branded campaigns did not hit the scene with a vengeance until Instagram was opened up to Android about  a year ago.  Just sayin…

So for those of you with brands out there that are looking in to running a Vine campaign, just think about your Android fan base.  What about them?  Maybe it doesn’t matter to you.  Maybe this campaign is just a test and learn, which is great.  Maybe you don’t care that Vines also cannot be embedded or shared to Facebook, where most of your fans probably are already surfing around just waiting for new content.

If you’re targeting Twitter users and Apple users, then a Vine campaign is perfect right now.

That’s all I’m saying.  Just think about what mobile crowds you might be alienating.

But I love Vine.  I really do.


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