Peace out, Vine. Ok. Not really.

Instagram just announced they will now have video.

15 second videos.

Instagram basically watched how Vine worked out for a while, waited until Vine launched on Android and got everyone excited and then did this.  Facebook face palmed Twitter.  So long, 6 second videos…

Well, maybe.

I hate making bold predictions in the social media world – it changes so much, so quickly…it’s hard to say.  But, with everything that I’ve seen from Instagram today – it’s going to be hard for Vine to survive.  Instagram is the boss in the photo medium, they already have the users and the obsession.  And the pictures of the sky, food, and shoes.  It’s so quick and easy to add video for these users.  Sure, why not?  I’ll just make a short video of my plate of super healthy, hipster leaves.

More to come, but this is pretty big and probably leaves Twitter scratching their heads and throwing shit at the wall.  And as I say that they’re surely working on their next big thing….



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