Brands need to look at Facebook for what it is


We’ve been hearing this for a few years now, and it always seems to get progressively more intense and negative with each passing update to Facebook’s algorithms.  As brand social media marketers we hear that content needs to be really “high quality” in order to reach more users organically.  And that “virality” will play a role in how many unique eyeballs see your brand’s posts.  We’ve understood that text posts on Facebook have greater reach but receive lower engagement, and that image posts get the most engagement, but don’t necessarily generate that organic reach every time, and even those ‘rules’ continuously change.  It’s been a tough formula to crack and there hasn’t been a perfect answer.  And now Facebook is blatantly admitting that organic reach is falling off.

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My 7 predictions for the socially digital world in 2014

2014 graphic

As we approach the New Year we look to the future.  And we also look back.  What used to be so clearly defined as “social” media and “digital” in their own rights, have converged. There is a large gray area where digital meets online meets social meets content meets devices meets users.  It’s all moving closer to a model that’s one in the same.  You won’t be able to have one without considering the other.  The silos of even just last year are looking more and more like the entire farm, working together.

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Social Media Strategy Step 1: The Business Goal

Brands in 2013 utilize social media for a wide array of objectives – loyalty, awareness, sales, community, web traffic, share of voice, influence, engagement, and beyond.  The list goes on and on.  What for the most part was a pool of companies and brands just a few years ago jumping on the social bandwagon because they felt like they had to, or because it was the new, cool thing… is now a full blown discipline that directly marries marketing and public relations.

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If you’re not utilizing influencers – you’re doing it wrong


You are a brand.  You use social media to connect with your consumers, business partners, general fans, and other random people that clicked that button to link themselves to your social presence.  You put content out there for these people to see, to say something from your brand.  It might be a story.  It could be a really entertaining short-format video, or maybe a longer one.  You could’ve put a clever graphically-designed post out there.

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vine and instagram video …no longer apples to apples


There have been a lot of recent changes to both Instagram and Vine.  What was once a head to head battle for short-format video supremacy has turned into something different.  And, that battle was very short-lived as well.   Vine launched their much desired app on Android and then about 10 seconds later Instagram was all like, “Oh yeah, did we mention we are launching video?  And, our videos are over twice as long and are on that app you guys already all love for photos of the sky, your feet, and your food.  And, Facebook owns us.”  End quote.   Or, something like that….

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social media success: not just about revenue

As a business, if you are looking at your social media presence and only asking how much money it made you…you’re not looking at the big social picture.  If that is really the only thing you care about…you’re only using sales media, not social.  Some might completely disagree with me, mainly folks from the school of believing that anything and every thing you do absolutely has to tie back to revenue.  It’s a hardcore belief, and, those that do lean towards this theory probably don’t care as much about the actual social community.  Fair enough – everyone is entitled to their own theories and strategy, but with social media as it sits right now for businesses, there are several other measures that spell success.

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