is instagram ruining itself?

Over the last few months, a lot has changed on the beloved social network known as Instagram. Unfortunately for its 400 million users, most changes have been made without the actual experience of said user in mind, or at least that’s how it feels. Instagram likes to say things that sound nice and fancy – things like they’re enhancing the Instagram app, or making things more relevant for people, or a bunch of other things I typically block out. But what’s really happening is very apparent, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of Instagram.

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My 7 predictions for the socially digital world in 2014

2014 graphic

As we approach the New Year we look to the future.  And we also look back.  What used to be so clearly defined as “social” media and “digital” in their own rights, have converged. There is a large gray area where digital meets online meets social meets content meets devices meets users.  It’s all moving closer to a model that’s one in the same.  You won’t be able to have one without considering the other.  The silos of even just last year are looking more and more like the entire farm, working together.

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vine and instagram video …no longer apples to apples


There have been a lot of recent changes to both Instagram and Vine.  What was once a head to head battle for short-format video supremacy has turned into something different.  And, that battle was very short-lived as well.   Vine launched their much desired app on Android and then about 10 seconds later Instagram was all like, “Oh yeah, did we mention we are launching video?  And, our videos are over twice as long and are on that app you guys already all love for photos of the sky, your feet, and your food.  And, Facebook owns us.”  End quote.   Or, something like that….

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A follow-up: a month with Path and Instagram

Exactly one month ago I started using Path and Instagram.  The delay on Path was due to my utter need to avoid it as long as I could, and for Instagram it was the barrier to entry since I have only Android devices.  On that day a month ago, the Android Instagram app launched and I started to walk down the Path.  I wrote a quick blog about the two new (for me) social platforms.

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Path and Instagram – so fresh, so clean

This week I did something monumental.  I started using two social platforms that previously were completely foreign to me.  Well, I knew what they were – I was aware they existed, but I had never touched them, seen the mobile app or really dug in much to what they were all about.  One was a matter of barrier to entry.  I have an Android mobile phone and tablet, so I physically couldn’t use Instagram until today.  The other, Path, I was basically avoiding simply to avoid.

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