My 7 predictions for the socially digital world in 2014

2014 graphic

As we approach the New Year we look to the future.  And we also look back.  What used to be so clearly defined as “social” media and “digital” in their own rights, have converged. There is a large gray area where digital meets online meets social meets content meets devices meets users.  It’s all moving closer to a model that’s one in the same.  You won’t be able to have one without considering the other.  The silos of even just last year are looking more and more like the entire farm, working together.

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Pinterest is the new Napster? Oh boy

The copyright and legality problems with Pinterest have really picked up some serious steam lately, and the media has been all over it.  I think I see a new article about this issue each day.  Yesterday I posted a new blog about whether or not your business should be on Pinterest, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you make that decision.  My fourth bullet point touched on the legal risks and I recommended sticking to only posting your own images and property from your website.   I definitely think that is the way to go, now more than ever.

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you have a business…should you be on Pinterest?

The title asks the question.  I will help you answer it.

So, you either own a business or manage social media for a business, or you are in some capacity responsible for social marketing decisions for your company.  You want to be innovative and stay “ahead of the curve” but you are skeptical about Pinterest.  You have been reading tons of articles and blogs about it but still just don’t know what to do.

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