why i (typically) hate social media sweepstakes

We’ve all seen them. They’re still everywhere. As consumers, you’re either intrigued by them or they completely annoy you, depending on your own personal goals. I’m talking about social media sweepstakes, giveaways, and sometimes (but not always) contests. And I hate them, well, most of the time.

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a recap of my digital storytelling presentation at the SIA Snow Show

Two weekends ago, on February 1st, I was lucky enough to speak at the 2014 SIA Snow Show in downtown Denver.  Specifically, I was lucky enough to speak about something I am passionate about, and have been involved with for several years: digital storytelling.  Also, I spent the better part of just over three years in the ski industry – so it was fun on a personal level to be back in that environment talking about content specific to the snow sports world.

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