why i (typically) hate social media sweepstakes

We’ve all seen them. They’re still everywhere. As consumers, you’re either intrigued by them or they completely annoy you, depending on your own personal goals. I’m talking about social media sweepstakes, giveaways, and sometimes (but not always) contests. And I hate them, well, most of the time.

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A quick look at big happenings in brand social media in 2015

I haven’t written too many blogs in 2014. For a while I was still on the agency side of things so writing an opinionated blog about the digital world was part of the gig, so it came more naturally. The last five months or so, I’ve been in a new job back on the client side, with a longer commute, kids getting older, and seemingly less time than ever before. I’m still very much-so up on my game, it just hasn’t been on paper (digital paper). But here I am, back – writing again.

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Brands need to look at Facebook for what it is


We’ve been hearing this for a few years now, and it always seems to get progressively more intense and negative with each passing update to Facebook’s algorithms.  As brand social media marketers we hear that content needs to be really “high quality” in order to reach more users organically.  And that “virality” will play a role in how many unique eyeballs see your brand’s posts.  We’ve understood that text posts on Facebook have greater reach but receive lower engagement, and that image posts get the most engagement, but don’t necessarily generate that organic reach every time, and even those ‘rules’ continuously change.  It’s been a tough formula to crack and there hasn’t been a perfect answer.  And now Facebook is blatantly admitting that organic reach is falling off.

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getting to know myself – the social media user

I’ve been “using” social media in some capacity since 2004.  I was in college when Facebook hit, and Myspace was already a ‘thing.’  I had a few Friendster requests from people even before those; I set up a profile one day and never checked it again.  So, I have been a user of some sort for the last 9-ish years.  My involvement with social media with a business/brand twist has been present since late 2009, so even that’s creeping up on 4 years.

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