an intro to….me.

Oh look, a blog about social media!  That’s something new and different.  I know, I know.  Seriously?  Now?  Well, yes.  Now.  I just have too much to say and I need somewhere to put these thoughts.  I will not be a news source like some social media blogs – just passing on stories and basically paraphrasing the meat of the excerpt and calling it their own “blog.”  No, I will take hot topics related to social media and craft my own opinions based off first-hand experience.

I live and breathe social media.  I lead/manage the social strategy for one of the biggest ski resorts in North America.  So, I think I have something of value to add. And, if I don’t get many readers?  Oh well.  I still want to put my thoughts somewhere.  My mom will read them.

After telling a hilarious joke.

I deal with this stuff around the clock, on weekends and anything in between.  I love social media for myself, but I mainly love it for marketing…for business.  The possibilities are endless at this point, and it’s very fun and exciting to be involved in the future of marketing.  We’ve still only seen the “tip of the iceberg” for lack of a better generic cliche.  It’s generally still so new that there really aren’t “experts” out there yet.  There are folks that absolutely know more than others, are better educated about it and downright get it.  But experts?  Not so sure anyone can claim that.  We’re all still learning, innovating and adapting as social media expands and changes.  It’s very quick to change and even quicker to grow.

I’m a firm believer that no matter what industry you are in that there is always some method in which social media and marketing can provide a benefit. Different industries and markets will have different uses and strategies, but the general concepts, thoughts and theories will hold true.  For example, a cruise ship line will want to market the experience of their vacations with amazing images, videos, guest testimonials, among other content that will envoke a true feeling when connecting with their brand, and people will in turn want to have that feeling of their vacation experience.  Whereas a lawn mowing service would most likely aim to provide tips for grass care, optimal methods for lawn maintenance, photos of their awesome work, and eventually leading consumers to connect with them and follow their brand based on a need for their service.

Everyone has an opinion. So, this is why I figured it was finally time for me to jump in the blogging game to share my thoughts, observations, opinions, strategy and whatever else ends up on here – all related to social media.  All from my brain.  If you do feel so compelled as to tune in, then, thank you!  And, if you also feel so compelled as to completely disagree with me on an issue, I also thank you.  That not only means you actually read my blog(s) but that it created some kind of emotion in you.  Social media is an open debate.  I can go on and on about it almost as much as I can about sports.  We’ll save that for a different day.

Until then – thanks for checking in!  No Foursquare pun intended 😉


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